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Kuhn Drills

Kuhn equipment is packed full of technology which enables direct savings on seed as well as efficiencies in seed placement to gain greater agronomic benefits. An increasing number of farmers are utilising Variable Rate Technology to gain a more efficient plant population, access our Technology Areana to learn more about how to setup the displays for variable rate applications and understand factors affecting section control performance.

See below some technology specific to Kuhn equipment:

Kuhn Drilling Technology


Tramlining is possible even when seeding and spraying widths (sprayer and spreader) are incompatible. With this revolution, no more moving valves or tubes on seeding units!
The VISTAFLOW tramlining system enables automatic shut-off of seeding rows in order to create non-seeded areas so that the driver knows precisely where to spread. VISTAFLOW is an intelligent tramlining valve that monitors seed passage inside seeding tubes.

Any tramlining rhythm!

Access additional functions directly from the cab such as half-width seed drill shut off (left or right) and every-other-row shut-off. Different configurations can be saved via the user interface for subsequent operations. It saves the following tramlining configurations: working width, track and tyre width of sprayer or self-propelled sprayer and fertiliser spreader. You have access to universal tramlining: tramlining is possible even when seeding and spraying widths are incompatible.

Intelligent monitoring and detection of tube blockage: absolute peace of mind

VISTAFLOW tramlining valves feature intelligent monitoring and detection systems. If a blockage occurs in the distribution head, the control terminal automatically displays a warning message indicating the row concerned so that the necessary action can be taken rapidly. A red LED lights up on the distribution head to show exactly which valve is blocked. The KUHN ISOBUS-terminal interface is easy to use and ergonomic. It provides fast access to saved tramlining configurations as well as fast and intuitive access to the automatic functions on the interface.


Modulate your application rate row by row with MAXIMA 3 e

The new KUHN MAXIMA 3 electrically driven seed drill is popular with many farmers thanks to its precision seeding and ease of use. Today, the new software of the electric MAXIMA 3 modulates the application rate row by row according to a modulation map. Results: Seed savings and higher yields!

Thanks to row-by-row application rate modulation, the MAXIMA 3 electric seed drill automatically modulates the number of seeds to be sown according to the field recommendation map loaded on the Isobus terminal. Seed densities vary according to soil characteristics.

This high-precision technology enables farmers to optimise farm operations:

  • Financial optimisation: by adjusting the quantity of seed planted to the type of soil, farmers can capitalise on high-potential areas and limit the population in low-potential areas by adjusting the rate/hectare. Yields are therefore optimised across the field. Coupled with automatic row shutoff (section control), application rate modulation generates seed savings of roughly 2 to 3%.
  • Agronomic optimisation: Adjusting the application rate in lower potential areas reduces water stress and improves access to the resources for the crops planted.

Modulating the application rate can generate about 5 to 8% additional yield depending on the soil characteristics.

Modulating the application rate row by row is very simple on the electric MAXIMA 3 since all adjustments are made from the cab via the Isobus terminal. The density changes automatically based on the modulation map. If the seed drill passes over 2 different zones at the same time, each row of the machine complies with the seeding instructions on the recommendation map.

The MAXIMA 3 electric seed drills improve seeding precision by applying the right rate at the right place.

Section control on fertiliser and micro-granulator

Different TC-GEO allowing to set-up individually the section-control of the 3 products

  • Seed (1 section per row)
  • Fertilizer (2 sections per machine with GT tanks)
  • Microgranulator (on section per machine)

Curve Compensation

  • Set-up two radars on the machine and adjust their position
  • Allows to compensate planting rate in curves
  • Second radar will be available as option on machines of 6m and more.

Updates to the menu screen

  • Shut off rows manually with touch screen
  • Long touch in seeding program = go directly to density set-up
  • Long touch in bottom area = select the type of data shown
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