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Kuhn Spreader Technology

The AXIS H-EMC W Electronic Mass Control fertiliser spreader is equipped, as standard, with application rate control on each spreading disc. The position of the metering outlet is corrected every second, according to the torque measured on each spreading disc, separately; left and right. 

EMC technology provides many advantages: 
– Application rate respected at each metering unit 
– No risk of clogging
– Instantaneous detection and correction of flow rate variations
– Empty hopper sensor
– Flow fault sensor

EMC (W) – Weighing on each disc.

Input torque measured on each spreading disc drive in order to regulate individually the fertiliser flow travelling through each outlet according to the programmed application rate.

  • Regulation of the dose as from the first meters and every second on each outlet.
  • No start load to validate after reloading
  • Hydraulic disc drive: no power take-off required
  • Disc speed independent from the motor speed
  • Boarder spreading to the left and/or right as standard
  • Available with or without weighing frame: more economical
  • Fully compatible with a fertiliser supply cart during spreading

The AXIS H-EMC-W fertiliser spreader also has variable working width by GPS: Section Control with standard integration of:

  • OPTIPOINT: automatic calculation of outlet opening and closing points according to fertiliser type and spread area.
  • VARISPREAD PRO: continuous section control at very high speed. 1 section per metre with new SpeedServo motors. Airtight, high-speed, precise. 

The right dose at the right place while avoiding the « dose effect » thanks to the revolutionary distribution of the CDA System, common to all AXIS fertiliser spreaders. AXIS 50.2 M-EMC-W is compatible, as standard, with separate left/right application rate adjustment by GPS. 

CDA System – Coaxial Distribution Adjustment
The particular design of the outlets ensures multiple pallet feeding for improved distribution.

The machine is 100% ISOBUS compatible ready. Control spreading from your driving seat with your tractor’s CCI or ISOBUS terminal. 

The weighing system with weighing cells indicates how much fertiliser remains in the hopper.

Weighing frame

The weighing frame which is equipped with 2 weighing cells each with a capacity of 10 tons, continuously indicates the amount of fertiliser left in the hopper, so the driver knows exactly how many more acres he can fertilise.

Width of opening for filling 230cm or 270cm
Outlet shutter control: Electric cylinders
Working width between 12m and 50m
Basic capacity 3200L
Capacity (max.) 4200L
Hopper width depending on extension 240cm or 280cm
Weight approx. 780kg
Drive: Mechanical
Application rate control: EMC Electronic Mass Control
Working width adjustment: Up to 8 widths
Maximum flow 500 or 8.33 (kg/min or kg/s)


The right adjustment of your spreader for each fertilizer type!

Considering the multitude of fertilizers available on the market, it is essential to identify and select the right fertilizer in the spreading charts.

This application will guide you through the settings to use for spreading the right dose and obtaining a good lateral distribution according to the fertilizer type, working width and speed. The settings can be transferred directly to the machine via a WIFI module. No manual input is required, no mistakes are possible!

The application can also display the quantity remaining in the hopper in order to load only the required quantity.

Available online and on mobile application

Use the online version:Go onKUHN SpreadSet online

Download it on the store:

Download on the APP STORE
Download on GOOGLE PLAY

Slug Pelleter Applicators

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