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HarvestLab Constituent Sensing

Developed and patented with ZEISS company, HarvestLab 3000 simultaneously measures the dry matter and various constituents of harvested crops. The HarvestLab 3000 uses the same near-infrared-reflectance (NIR) technology entrusted and used by most nutrition labs, but produces results instantly and with over 4000 readings per second. This provides producers with not one random sample value but statistically solid data on the go.

HarvestLab 3000 one sensor – three applications

HarvestLab™ 3000 provides on-the-go yield, moisture and constituents data when used in conjunction with the Harvest Monitor™ system. This instantaneous information can then be recorded and documented by using Harvest Doc™ mapping system and a StarFire™ 6000 Receiver.

Each operation is unique, but in general, silage harvested in a matter of days is expected to feed herds the entire year or be sold throughout the year.

Considering harvest conditions are never perfect and feed quality never improves after harvest or during storage, effective management and the ability to react quickly and efficiently becomes paramount.

The HarvestLab 3000 sensor allows operators to make informed management decisions at harvest and during storage in order to maximize silage and feed quality from the day it’s harvested to the day it’s fed or sold.

Much value stems from obtaining instantaneous yield, moisture, and constituent data. Operators are able to do the following:

  • Quickly identify if the crop has reached the optimal moisture to harvest
  • Prevent downtime while waiting for the moisture measurements via drying ovens
  • Automatically adjust the length-of-cut and inoculant levels to the optimal level
  • Optimize the bunk density and fermentation for heightened silage and feed quality
  • Segment the storage facilities based on the moisture or constituent content
  • Compare hybrid and variety productivity
  • Acquire dry volumes
  • Enhance invoicing and documentation

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