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11th April 2019

Ian with his Kuhn 40.2 M-EMC

For 30 years, Ian ran a Vicon Wagtail Fertiliser spreader at 12m. This year, he upgraded to a Kuhn 40.2EMC-W to increase accuracy and work rate. Now spreading at 24m, he needed a system to show where he had been and where to drive to. Ian admits, he is not the most computer savvy so he needed a simple system which was easy to use.

With advice from RVT, Ian bought an AgLeader Compass Kit which is a simple, touch screen display that can do parallel tracking, boundaries and can be upgraded for further functionality if needed in the future.

AgLeader Compass Display

Milking 100 cows with cereals and grassland, 13 Ian thought the system was easy to follow, but admits it did get a bit of getting used to, but with the help of the Precision Farming department it didn’t take him long to get to grips and make the most of his investment.

Ian commented how helpful it was to have the App on his phone rather than writing spreader set up information on paper, and the EMC weighing part of the Kuhn spreader has proven to be very accurate with the weigh cell in the hopper knowing exactly how much product remains.

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