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John Deere AutoPath – As Applied Guidance Lines

11th November 2020


A new, revolutionary feature will be released with the 20-3 Generation 4 display update: John Deere AutoPath. AutoPath records as applied implement paths and stores them in the Operations Center. This opens up unseen possibilities e.g. for mechanical weeding or strip till applications.

During the source operation (the first pass of the year, e.g. planting), an implement receiver records the actual driven path of the implement. This includes all unintended side-shifts, caused by e.g. rocks or slopes. In the subsequent paths such as cultivating/hoeing, spraying or harvest the implement can be steered exactly in the track of the source operation. This results in greatly reduced crop damage, precise implement guidance, increased speed and performance as well as reduced setup time. 

Without AutoPath: during the source operation the implement didn’t follow the intended straight track. A straight-line path in the subsequent operation would cause significant crop damage:

With AutoPath: the implement in the subsequent path follows exactly the curved track of the source operation:

Scenario 1: Mechanical weeding

Mechanical weeding requires the cultivator to follow the planted rows with high accuracy. AutoPath records the location of each corn row during planting as source operation. When cultivating the field as subsequent operation the as applied implement tracks from the planter can be retrieved from the Operations Center. Ideally cultivating is done with Active Implement Guidance so that both, tractor and hoe/cultivator, are steered independently along the crops. Crop damage and yield loss are reduced to a minimum.  

Scenario 2: Strip-Till

In strip-till operations the precise placement of seeds over a nutrient stripe is essential for optimal nutrient supply of crops. AutoPath records the location of each nutrient row during strip-tilling as source operation. For corn planting as subsequent operation the full-field guidance lines are used. Ideally enhanced with Active Implement Guidance, both tractor and planter are steered independently following the as-applied guidance lines. This ensures precise placement of seeds, even when inaccuracies occurred during strip-till operation.

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