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John Deere Operations Center updates (Field Analyzer Beta supports application and tillage data, and MyOperations™ mobile app updates)

10th April 2019


The John Deere Operations Center continues to add value by providing tools and features that enable producers to access their farm information from anywhere. There, they can see and analyze performance, collaborate with partners to gain insights and increase profits, and direct their plans with more precision in the field. The new tools and features available in the Operations Center help producers increase the value of their operational work:

  • Flags in Field Analyzer Beta – Possibility to view flags in Field Analyzer Beta
  • Field Analyzer Beta supports application and tillage data – Live and historical application and tillage data now available in Field Analyzer Beta
  • Updates in Agrian® prescription creator – The new Agrian tool is now compatible with Gen 4 harvest data, large fields, and all layers in Field Analyzer Beta.
  • iOS® 10 no longer supported – MyJobs and MyJobsManager mobile apps are no longer supported on mobile devices running iOS 10. iOS 11 or newer is required.
  • Synchronization of machine off-sets – Machine off-sets created in Operations Center, sent to the machine, and updated on the machine will be updated in Operations Center as well.
  • Flags in MyOperations mobile app – Create, edit, and delete point flags with the MyOperations app.
  • JDLink Dashboard updates – Machine Reports and Terminals are no longer available in JDLink Web; multi-organization selection is now available for all JDLink Dashboard features.

Flags in Field Analyser Beta

Filter Flags (on the left) and click on them to see information (on the right)

With the latest software update, operators can view flags in Field Analyzer Beta. The Show Flags button in the new filter function on the left side of the page will turn all flags in the chosen field on or off. Furthermore, flags can be filtered by type, category, or date range. Click on a specific flag to get further information.


  • Gain insights based on areas of the field that were marked with flags
  • Show only selected flags

Field Analyzer Beta supports application and tillage data

Document weather and field conditions under Work Setup on Gen 4 displays

With the latest software update, historical and live application and tillage data are available in Field Analyzer Beta.

Layers available for application:

  • As-applied rate
  • Target rate
  • Elevation
  • Fuel rate per hour
  • Prescription rate
  • Quality (target vs. applied)
  • Quality (Rx vs. applied)
  • Target application height
  • Speed

Layers available for tillage:

  • Target depth
  • Elevation
  • Fuel rate per hour
  • Prescription pressure
  • Prescription depth
  • Target pressure

Additional condition map layers manually entered from application and tillage documentation data:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Soil temperature
  • Wind direction

NOTE: Weather and soil conditions can be documented manually while in documentation pages on the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display and in Work Setup on Gen 4 displays.


  • Gain insights from application and tillage data relative to yield data in order to aid in proper input management to boost yield and manage margins.

Updates in Agrian prescription creator

The new Agrian tool provides the ability to create prescription maps based on all operational layers of Field Analyzer Beta. In addition, the tool works with Gen 4 harvest data, is compatible with large fields (about 250 ha [618 acres]), and supports more crop yield types. There are also some user experience improvements.

To create a prescription map, only two steps are necessary.

Updates to prescription type and source when creating a prescription map

First, the user selects the prescription type in the Operation step. It is now possible to select between application and seeding. Furthermore, soil survey is available as a new prescription source.

Edit rates while viewing the prescription map

In the next step, Analysis, it is possible to edit the rates while looking at the prescription map. The tool provides the ability to choose tank mixes in the products list.

Synchronization of machine off-sets

Overwrite Equipment Profiles function turned on to import and update machine settings

Overwrite Equipment Profiles function turned on to import and update machine settingsMachine off-sets are now automatically synchronized when a machine is imported from a display. A machine without any off-sets or with incorrect off-sets that were created in John Deere Operations Center and sent to the machine can be adjusted on the machine itself. After exporting the machine from the display, the off-sets are automatically updated in Operations Center. Next time the machine with a setup file is sent to a display, the last-updated off-sets are available.

NOTE: To enable automatic update of machine off-sets, the machine has to be originally created in the John Deere Operations Center. Machines created on a John Deere display do not appear in the machine list in Operations Center (top left corner in the main view, machine icon).

NOTE: To import and update machine settings, the Overwrite Equipment Profiles functionality in Organization Preferences has to be on.

Flags in MyOperations mobile app

Create, edit and delete point flag boundaries

Create, edit, and delete point flag boundariesFlags can be created, edited, and deleted via MyOperations app. It is now possible to use point flag categories which have been defined in John Deere Operations Center. Flags can be created inside and outside of a field boundary.


  • Mark locations important to the organization from everywhere and at any time by adding a point flag via the mobile app.
  • Attach notes and images to flags for a precise description.
  • Use flags on an as-needed basis by filtering the map view (Show Flags on Map).


Images and notes that are attached to the point flag are shared with the Operations Center and are available for other MyOperations app users within the same organization, as well as in Land Manager and Field Analyzer Beta. Flags can be transferred to displays and other organizations via the Setup Builder tool.

NOTE: To view flags in Field Analyzer, the selected field has to have a seeding, application, tillage, or harvest job documented. Colors of categories are not synced.

Agrian is a trademark of Agrian, Inc. iOS is a trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. used under license by Apple Inc.


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