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John Deere Operations Center updates (Location History updates, MyJobs™ mobile app – new connectivity monitor, and Field Analyzer Beta updates)

14th February 2019


The John Deere Operations Center continues to add value by providing tools and features that enable growers to access their farm information from anywhere. There, they can see and analyze performance, collaborate with partners to gain insights and increase profits, and direct their plans with more precision in the field. The new tools and features are available in the Operations Center to help growers increase the value of their operational work through:

  • MyJobs™ mobile apps with connectivity monitor – A new monitor in the MyJobs app shows the connectivity status of the mobile app.
  • See which machines are not moving – Machines that have not moved for 15 minutes are marked with a small location symbol to show stationary machines to managers.
  • Mobile Data Transfer shapefile compatibility – Send shapefile files wirelessly via Mobile Data Transfer.

MyJobs and MyJobsManager mobile apps connectivity monitor

Bar indicates connection status

Connectivity monitor shows current status of location services, internet connection, and last synchronizationThe MyJobs mobile app now has a monitor to display the status of its connectivity. Here, the user gets information about network coverage and network connection as well as global positioning system (GPS) connectivity to help prevent connectivity issues. A bar on the bottom of the screen indicates failures and connection status.

Visibility of stationary machines

Machines that have not moved for 15 minutes are marked with a small location symbol to visualize them. This enables control of stationary machines for managers. The symbol appears when there is no update from the machine for 15 minutes:

  • Due to missing net coverage
  • Due to not moving machine

With selection of the machine, the machine flag appears and shows when the last information came from the machine. The time stamp in the machine flag shows the time of last machine call in.


  • Identify when a machine is not moving
  • Clear overview if all machines are moving or some machines are not moving

Mobile Data Transfer capability to send shapefiles

Mobile Data Transfer USB drive

Mobile Data Transfer is now compatible with shapefiles. With this compatibility, data from displays using this data type can be transferred between the display and the Operations Center via the Mobile Data Transfer USB dongle and MyTransfer mobile app on a smartphone.


  • Transfer data wirelessly between the display and Operations Center on machines that do not have JDLink Connect

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