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Autotrac Vision for Tractors & Sprayers

AutoTrac Vision functionality has revolutionized the ability to use AutoTrac for post-emergence applications in 75-cm (29.5-in.) row crops and tram lines. Operators have the ability to use AutoTrac Vision in early crop stages (corn, soybeans, and small grains) on sprayers and tractors from a crop height of 10 cm (3.9 in.) until 90 percent canopy. AutoTrac Vision performs well in row crops for operations such as spraying, nutrient applications, or mechanical cultivation.

Autotrac Vision for Tractors

AutoTrac Vision will allow growers and contractors greater productivity by providing the option of being able to apply post emergence with less stress and improved efficiency. The tractor and self-propelled sprayer will follow the actual planted crop row or tramline to decrease crop damage and to reduce operator fatigue compared to manual driving. This solution will meet guidance needs when performing integral or drawn in-row operations like side dressing or mechanical cultivation.

CompatibilityOperators are accustomed to leveraging AutoTrac in their equipment and enjoying all of the benefits the technology provides. However, when it comes to post-season application, these operators may be forced to drive manually due to different situations that may limit AutoTrac performance. These conditions might include:

  • Crops planted without AutoTrac
  • Unavailability of guidance lines from planting
  • Global positioning system (GPS) drift when using SF1, SF2 or SF3 corrections
  • Strip-till and ridge-till conditions

AutoTrac Vision becomes the solution to experience all the benefits of AutoTrac in application operations in corn, soybeans, and small grains, utilizing a monocular camera to detect the crop rows and guide the vehicle down straight rows. Operators will benefit from reduced fatigue, less crop damage, and higher speeds when compared to manual driving.

In areas where crop is missing, such as waterways, washouts, or flooding, AutoTrac Vision enables the system to prioritise sensors (first the camera and then to GPS until the higher sensor can detect the rows again.) This feature keeps the vehicle on the correct path regardless of the condition of the crop in the field. In order for the system to use GPS, the operator needs to enter a guidance line.

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