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Displays & Receivers

John Deere 4640 Display

Released in 2018, the 4640 display is the new stand alone display to replace 2630 screen that has been in production since 2011. With tablet like swipe functionality, run pages, and if needed, it can support you with on screen and context based functions. Users are able to customise the layout on screen to suit their own preferences. With increased processing power we can now control up to 255 sections via ISOBUS. One big advantage of the 4640 is the ability to import data without erasing information that is currently stored on the display, this was a common issue with the 2630 display.

John Deere 4240 Display

This smaller display provides the latest update and improved operating system for legacy John Deere machines and mixed fleet operators. It?s loaded with the following benefits:

  • 8.4″ display size with touchscreen
  • ISOBUS Virtual Terminal
  • 8GB Data Storage with in-built USB drive
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Documentation and variable rate functionality included in base price of display
  • Can be activated for section control and wireless data transfer.

The lower price point of these displays makes it very attractive for those looking for an entry into Precision Farming, as well as being upgradable for additional functions in the future.

SF6000 Receiver

Experience a whole new level of accuracy and signal stability with the new StarFire 6000 Receiver: Improved SF1 signal with several new major RTK enhancements. The StarFire 6000 receiver tracks up to 3 correction signal satellites in parallel ? thus offering the best correction signal and signal coverage that is 3 times better than previous receiver generations. It always actively chooses the best signal and if conditions change, it can switch 80% faster to the best geostationary satellite.

The best entry-level signal is now even better. You profit from a +/- 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, previously +/- 23 cm. Free of charge and with GLONASS included.

The SF6000 can be upgraded at any point, with the highest and most reliable accuracy being RTK. Our very own RVT RTK can be used which enables a 14 day RTK Extend period giving you piece of mind of high accuracy throughout the working day.

4G LTE Modem

The John Deere Mobile RTK modem allows growers to receive RTK repeatability and accuracy via mobile networks. RVT RTK using the 4G LTE modem is advantageous over Radio RTK in rough terrain or areas where line of sight is hindered by trees, mountains, and hills. This new modem works with 2G, 3G and 4G mobiles networks increasing reliability and futureproofing itself going forwards.
With the latest software update the modem will produce a WIFI signal which operators can connect their mobile devices to whilst in the cab.

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