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Implement Guidance

Active Implement Guidance

  • Tractor and implement are kept on the same track
  • Perfectly aligned tracks and plant spacing
  • No crop damage, no irrigation pipe or drip tape damage
  • Perfectly straight furrows and even seedbeds

Active Implement Guidance ensures that tractor and implement follow exactly the same path, ruling out crop damage on subsequent passes. It also avoids accidental damage to irrigation pipes or channels.

The system works with steerable implements equipped with side-shift, drawbar, axle or disc steering. StarFire 6000 Receivers are mounted on both tractor and implement, allowing them to communicate with each other and ensuring absolute precision on the ground. Straight, curved or circular tracks can be followed, using RTK signals. The Shared Signal functionality allows two StarFire 6000 Receivers to share correctional signals in dual-receiver applications for example the tractor has an RTK receiver and the implement SF1, the tractor will share the RTK accuracy to the implements SF1 receiver, providing the benefits of the higher signal level.

Passive Implement Guidance

  • Perfect path-to-path accuracy in rolling terrain with pull-type implements
  • Less operator stress
  • Consistent seed placement and crop growth

Uses the tractor to navigate the implement to a specific GPS guidance line.

The tractor will move away from the guidance line to keep the implement in the correct place at all times. This is more critical in fields with banks and side slopes where the implement tends to drift. This can also be used with curved tracks and adaptive curves so when driving around corners the tractor will keep the implement in the right place at all times.

In uneven terrain and slopes the weight of your pull-type implement will cause it to drift. The results are gaps and overlaps that affect the quality of work. Irrespective of the terrain, you can now experience highest precision standards in all seeding, planting and tillage operations.

A second StarFire 6000 receiver installed on the implement communicates the implement’s exact position to the tractors AutoTrac system. The tractor then changes its path to compensate for the implement drift to gain a perfect pass-to-pass result.

The required components needed to use Passive Implement Guidance are either a 4600 or 4640 display and an Ultimate Activation.

Tractor Integrated Active Implement Guidance

The Tractor Integrated Active Implement Guidance solution allows automated high speed weeding in certain row crops of up to 16 km/h. Given the increasingly strict environmental legislations as well as progressing weed resistances, this solution addresses both ecological and big economic benefits. While the operator can set a speed and accuracy threshold, the system will automatically control the tractor speed to always maintain perfect distance to the crop under varying conditions.

Through the combination of AutoTrac and AutoTrac Vision – a camera based guidance solution -, the system can also be used in fields that have been planted with manual steering. The implement side shift is controlled by a special hydraulic cylinder at the lower links. This not only saves the cost for expensive side-shift frames, but also causes less soil compaction and allows for more accurate control of the implement.

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