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Manure Sensing

Manure Sensing ? smart organic nutrient distribution

Manure is a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. But until now, natural variance and rapid settling left the success of manure fertilisation to chance. With John Deere Manure Sensing, you have the unique advantage of being able to apply nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) precisely based on a nutrient target and limit rate in kg/ha and even utilize site-specific prescription maps.

John Deere Manure Sensing can analyse constituents not only during filling but also during application the second before the nutrients hit the soil. An invaluable advantage over other systems, as natural nutrient variances and settling during transport are taken into account and compensated with automatic real-time speed and/or flow rate adjustments. Moreover John Deere Manure Sensing data can be wirelessly sent to the John Deere Operations Center for further processing.

  • Quantify a nutrient value of € 0.75 to € 1.50/m³, reducing mineral fertiliser input cost
  • Avoid down crop and gain more consistent crop growth
  • Maximise yield and quality while keeping legal limits
  • Compatible with most slurry tankers and reel hose systems

DLG certified


John Deere Manure Sensing is now DLG certified for all three main liquid organic fertiliser types – Cattle, Pig and biogas liquid digestate.

Manure Sensing uses the HarvestLab 3000 sensor’s near-infrared (NIR) system to measure nutrient values during slurry application. The system allows farmers to apply N, P and K precisely based on a nutrient target and/or maximum rate in kg/ha, and even utilise site-specific prescription maps. The latest DLG test results have confirmed that the sensor works with comparable accuracy to certified laboratories using wet chemical methods.

“Usually there are differences in the ingredient content, once the test results from different laboratories are compared. However, the HarvestLab 3000 test results are within the determined laboratory range,” said DLG Test-Centre nutritionist and test engineer Dr Ulrich Rubenschuh. The system’s continuous analysis, with over 4000 measurements per second, is a huge benefit, providing reliable statistical data on the move. It eliminates potential errors due to incorrect sample handling, temporary storage and time critical sample shipments. Moreover, laboratory test results are only available several days, if not weeks, after the job is done. By contrast, real-time results allow automatic in-field adjustments.

Since the analysis takes place in the field, the settlement of nutrients in the tanker is also completely accounted for. An official comparison conducted in the Netherlands with over 300 different manure samples proved that continuous, 100% measurement of each complete tank load with NIR could eliminate average standard deviation errors of 4.2% for nitrogen and 16.3% for phosphate, when compared to measuring only five samples per tanker load.


Simon Heath, Stockton Heath, Newport

The Joskin Euroliner purchased by Simon Heath in Autumn 2018 is one of the first tankers in the country to be fitted with John Deere Manure Sensing.

Simon wanted to be able to analyse his cattle slurry and digestate to understand fully what has been applied to the field. From there he can adjust his fertiliser spreading rates to match the organic matter that has been applied. This can be done easily by the MyJohnDeere software.

As the Manure Sensing kit was fitted to a non-John Deere tractor, and rather than adjusting the forward speed of the tractor, the pump speeds up or slows down to match the current specification set by the operator. To enable GreenStar functionality on the tractor that only works with Manure Sensing, we fitted a SolSteer system which enables full ISOBUS functionality and GPS steering through the GreenStar display.

We installed a 4640 display with extended monitor so that multiple operations can be viewed at once. In the cab of the tractor,  JD Link MTG has been fitted which links to the display to enable wireless data transfer and remote display access; something that we think is critical when dealing with this advanced technology. RVT can remotely view the display from any location and all documentation data is sent back automatically to the Operations Centre and viewable in the App.

As the tanker is moving back and to the field, and to ensure precise application and repeatability Simon is also using RVT RTK mobile network which covers his entire working area in Shropshire and Staffordshire.

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