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My John Deere.com

MyJohnDeere is a platform for products and services that improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic decision making, all housed in a centralized location. It enables customers to access the tools and information they may need to manage their land and fleet of machines. Access to MyJohnDeere.com is possible from any Internet-connected device, including laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

JD Link

JDLink is John Deere’s telematics system that connects all make/model machines in the field with the office and mobile devices. To make JD Link possible a Modular Telematics Gateway is used to transfer the data via the mobile network, data is transferred in near real time keeping you connected at all times.

With JD Link enabled machines we can track machine performance and receive alerts for service schedules and error codes. This enables Connected Support from RVT which provides a more proactive service as the workshop is kept up to date with current machine health.

Reports can be generated from the data received from the machines, these include fuel utilisation, engine hours report and engine utilisation report. These reports can then be used for financial purposes when evaluating a specific aspect such as fuel usage or used to compare machines performance.

Recently John Deere have introduced the new JDLink Dashboard which gives you an intuitive system to track machine health and utilisation. With the Machine Health card you can monitor individual machine performance at a glance.

Click below to download the JD Link app:


Operations Centre

The Operations Centre is a set of online tools that enable access to farm information anytime, anywhere. The Operations Centre provides growers and their trusted partners with the ability to analyse, edit and make decisions from the data that inputted into the system. Data from all types of operations such as Tillage, Planting/Seeding, Application and Harvest can be all inputted into the Operations Centre which can be stored and reviewed throughout the year. RVT offer support to help guide you through the core components within the Operations Centre, this continues to evolve and is already a powerful management tool for your business.

Field Analyser

The Field Analyser is a tool that makes all agronomic data interpretation easier so you can understand the factors influencing yield and take action on those insights in the field. With the new Field Analyser recently been introduced we now get further information and functionality such as editing map legends, enabling map overlays of data, additional maps for elevation, fuel rate per hour and weather data taken from the display. We can now do sub field analysis where we can highlight a specific part of the field and review data for that location.

Land Manager

The Land Manager tool lets you do advanced field planning from the office. Users are able to create new field names, field boundaries, guidance lines and specific flag locations which can be exported to displays. The tool also allows you to edit these points if needed or to merge fields together so you have complete control over your current field portfolio.

My Jobs

The new work description functionality in MyJobs allows users to create tags to better define their jobs. It can be used to better describe the job types which are available in the John Deere Operations Centre and mobile apps for job management.

Users are now able to automatically report their position any time and any where. Once a job is started by the operator via a mobile device, the mobile app sends the position every minute into the John Deere Operations Centre. The functionality enables users to monitor the location of non-JD Link machines regardless of brand, age or kind of machine in the Operations Centre.

Wireless Data Transfer

John Deere WDT helps save time, money, and increases productivity by enabling the cellular transmission of setup, prescription, and documentation data files between the office and the John Deere Displays. This eliminates time spent managing USB sticks which translates into more efficient and easier to use data management practices.

Wireless Data Transfer is brought about by either utilising existing JD Link Technology that is present on the machine, or by using a John Deere Mobile Data Transfer device that is inserted into the display, this device uses the MyTransfer App on a smart phone to connect to the display to send data back and forth.

With the Generation 4 family of displays, coupled with the Premium Activation, data is transmitted in near real time keeping you connected to current operations in the field.

My Operations App

The MyOperations App enables easy access to your Operation Centre data on the go. Users will be able to view all agronomic data from all types of operations, track progress of each operation as well as looking at key machine performance indicators for the current day. The App uses the GPS data from the smartphone or tablet to provide your location on the map which can be used for ground truthing agronomic data.

Another element of the app when used in conjunction with the new S series combines, managers will be able to view and remotely change combine settings to ensure correct setup of the machine.

Click below to download the app:


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