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Pessel Instruments

John Deere have announced a sales cooperation agreement with Pessl Instruments which enables ourselves access to a variety of new products within the agronomic sector. The has also led to the development of integration with the John Deere Operations Centre so data can be viewed in one place. Pessl Instruments have been offering tools to make informed decisions for over 30 years. A complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems under the iMETOSĀ® brand, and an online platform FieldClimate.com are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes – from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.

Wirelessly Weather Stations

Weather plays the most important role in planning of the majority of Agricultural activities, when to seed? When to irrigate? How much to irrigate? When to spray and how much? When is it necessary to protect crops from frost?

Weather stations will help you might the right decision at the right time. Based to the data measured in you field, combined with weather forecast, you will be able to make informed decisions about which steps should be taken next to ensure the best quality and quantity of your produce.


The ECO D3 is a reliable, cost effective solution for basic soil moisture management, irrigation management and hydrology. Powered by a solar panel, it has an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time over the cellular network.

The ECO D3 can be customised with a variety of soil moisture sensors such as Watermark, Volumetric sensors, Sentek (Drill and Drop) and more. It can also be used for continuous water level monitoring on rivers and wells to warn about flood risks. It will send you SMS Alarms for cases when quick actions are needed.

Basic data is viewable in the Operations Centre with further analytics made possible via the FieldClimate platform which you can access from anywhere.

Other additional sensors include Rain Gauge, Leaf Wetness, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor, Soil Moisture sensors and EC/PH.


The Imetos 3.3 is more of a fixed solution that comes with complete offerings for environmental monitoring, disease models, soil moisture and more. Similar to the ECO D3 in terms of transferring the data via the cellular network but there is also the option to connect to a WIFI network if needed. The imetos 3.3 comes in 4 variations:

  • iMetos IMT80: Air Temperature sensor and Rain Gauge
  • iMetos IMT200: Sensors for the calculation of most Disease Models: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Rain Gauge and Leaf Wetness
  • iMetos IMT280: Rain Gauge and all the sensors for Evapotranspiration calculation: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Global Radiation and Wind Speed.
  • iMetos IMT300: Sensors for Evapotranspiration and Disease Models calculations: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Rain Gauge, Global Radiation, Wind Speed and Leaf Wetness.
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