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DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Online Crop Care Clinic-Latest Tech News

Tuesday 1st December at 10am Discover digital solutions with Hummingbird Technology. Create variable rate applications through up-to-date satellite imagery.  Advanced crop analytics creates earlier data driven decisions that optimise applications to increase yields and create a more sustainable farming business. Pick up NRoSO Points at this online clinic. Hear from Helen Keevil, Hummingbird Technology, Tommy...


Software update 20-3 for Generation 4 Displays-Latest Tech News

The latest John Deere Display technology is available with the 20-3 software update. Also included in this update is the brand-new and unique AutoPath™ feature as well as exciting Machine Sync enhancements. Due to the importance of both features they’ll will be announced with separate bulletins. Additional information and details are available in the Gen4...


New Work Planner and MyJobs discontinuation-Latest Tech News

How much time does a driver spend in the field to setup the machine display for correct documentation? As of mid-January, this setup time is going to be greatly reduced as will be the number of costly errors due to wrong display information. With the new Work Planner tool managers will plan the work ahead...


John Deere AutoPath – As Applied Guidance Lines-Latest Tech News

A new, revolutionary feature will be released with the 20-3 Generation 4 display update: John Deere AutoPath. AutoPath records as applied implement paths and stores them in the Operations Center. This opens up unseen possibilities e.g. for mechanical weeding or strip till applications. During the source operation (the first pass of the year, e.g. planting),...


Machine Sync Expanded – The Almost Autonomous Tractor-Latest Tech News

With the new 20-3 Generation 4 display update Machine Sync is expanded to SPFHs and tractors. Both machine platforms can now be used as “leader machine” to steer a tractor close by. Machine Sync synchronizes speed and travel direction of a follower-machine on the left- or right-hand side or directly behind the lead-machine.  SPFH as...


Ag Leader announces all new SteerCommand steering line-up-Latest Tech News

AMES, Iowa, November 2, 2020 – Ag Leader announced today enhancements to InCommand displays and its launch of guidance and steering products designed and built in-house to its year-round precision farming line–up. New to the SteerCommand family of guidance and steering products include SteerCommand Z2 automated steering and SteadySteer assisted steering designed to provide reliable pass-to-pass autosteer capability and integrate seamlessly with InCommand displays providing the user with a common experience across all operations.  “Through our year-round and connected InCommand display, our goal is to provide growers with one common user interface that does...

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