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M732i Sprayer: Richard Bruckshaw, Cotwall Farm

16th December 2019


Richard Bruckshaw farms 700 acres of arable including potatoes, OSR and Wheat. The fleet includes three John Deere 6155R tractors, a John Deere T670 combine and a John deere M732i sprayer.

Richard syas,”I always receive excellent backup support from the nearby RVT Shrewsbury depot. This is my second John Deere sprayer and everything that needed fitting after the sale was sorted promptly.

The filling station on the machine is very easy to
use and simple to work out, I personally prefer
it to one with electric controls. The air shut off
sections works incredibly well with the section
control; I like how instant the air shuts off and switches on the sections just at the right time. I find the build quality of the sprayer is exceptional, which is essential when spraying potatoes once a week in conditions that vary week after week.

With regard to the usability of the machine I found it very user friendly in general and easy to work. I had the latest TerrainControl Pro retro fitted to my current machine by RVT Precision Farming and it is super.

The boom seems to be very strong and copes with the different field situations very well. The data generated from WDT I send back to MyJohnDeere where I can either view it on a computer or on my phone, having the app on my phone makes it easy to access when I’m out of office either in the yard or in a field. Being able to view everything I’ve applied to my crops is very handy. The new proportional steering is a feature I would like to see more of, I know RVT have a demo machine with this fitted and will be intrigued to see it, but so far the steering drawbar on my machine has caused me no problems as of yet.

RVT parts backup has always been very reliable on all our John Deere equipment, but we haven’t ever needed anything for the sprayer. Combine spares have always been on the shelf and fitted promptly by a RVT mechanic out of the workshop, I can highly recommend the RVT Aftersales service. “

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