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Machine Sync Expanded – The Almost Autonomous Tractor

11th November 2020


With the new 20-3 Generation 4 display update Machine Sync is expanded to SPFHs and tractors. Both machine platforms can now be used as “leader machine” to steer a tractor close by. Machine Sync synchronizes speed and travel direction of a follower-machine on the left- or right-hand side or directly behind the lead-machine. 

SPFH as leader, tractor as follower 

While foraging, the driver of the SPFH must manage several tasks simultaneously. Using Machine Sync, the follower-tractor takes over speed changes of the leader-SPFH immediately. The driver can fully concentrate on filling the trailer. E. g. once the back of a trailer is filled, the SPFH driver can nudge the follower to the next desired position. This reduces the efforts in communication of new positioning e.g. via CB radio or hand signals. 

Tractor as leader, tractor as follower

Harvesting e.g. potatoes or other vegetables challenges to tractor drivers when unloading on the go. Crops may be spilled, or damages occur if both tractors are too close to each other. Using Machine Sync, speed and direction are synchronized between both tractors which increases operator comfort and safety.

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