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Product Focus: Greenstar Rate Controller on 750a drill

8th November 2019


John Billington, Adbaston Hall, Staffordshire
In 2018, John Billington purchased a new John Deere 750A drill with liquid fertiliser tank and John Deere rate controller for monitoring and documenting as applied fertiliser rates.
The 750A drill is available in 3, 4 and 6m versions. It has a field proven Accord air seeding system, and is designed with large clearances for no-till drilling into stubble, working after minimum or conventional cultivations, and single pass operation for grassland and rough pasture renovation. Single pass drilling offers several advantages over a conventional ploughing regime, including lower establishment, costs, reduced nitrate leaching and increased conservation of moisture within the soil. In addition, the 750A’s minimal soil disturbance at the point of drilling offers huge benefits for the control of blackgrass. With the help of Trevor Tappin of TT Engineering who fitted a 900L liquid
fertiliser tank to the rear of the machine, John is benefiting from a true one pass machine, as it is applying liquid fertiliser next to the seed in the ground. RVT Precision Farming fitted a rate controller that links with the pumps
supplied with the liquid fertiliser tank, and provides a user interface on the display. John can enter specific target rate of litres per hectare for the system to apply. The rate controller brings additional functionality such as section control and being able to use variable rate prescriptions as well as documenting the as applied rate across the field. All this can be imported into MyJohnDeere for recording and analysis later in the year. This is also viewable on the my Operations
App so when crop scouting the app can be
used to see how much product was applied
in certain areas.

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