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Smart Plough

With over 100 years experience in the world of ploughing, KUHN continues to innovate with its Smart Ploughing solution unveiled in 2017. KUHN revolutionises ploughing with this new section control system for ploughs. The solution includes an automatic body-lift system assisted by GPS.
As major player in the market of ploughing, KUHN aims to offer farmers the best possible solutions in terms of comfort and output quality. The plough’s geo-tracking system makes it possible to automate furrow entry and exit in perfectly straight lines to create a homogenous plot.

This patented innovation is an important step forward in the world of ploughing. It has received many awards such as at the AGRITECHNICA 2017 trade fair where it won the silver medal for innovation.
The three main advantages of Smart Ploughing in more detail are:

The Smart Ploughing system produces homogeneous work output over the whole plot. Each plough body exits the furrow with a fast, precise movement that eliminates the « Z effect » at headlands. Overlapping is reduced to a strict minimum at the end of the field which improves residue burial and reduces soil-packing at headlands.

  • A clean-cut line with no ruggedness between the ploughed lengths in the plot and the unworked area at headlands greatly reduces bumping and rocking in the tractor cab at headlands.
  • The automated lift system together with the GPS makes the job of ploughing easier allowing the driver to concentrate exclusively on driving the tractor.
  • Reducing the number of headland passages is beneficial throughout the crop-planting process because it means that you no longer have to level the soil or slow down at the end of the field. The plough is easier to manage so even the most inexperienced drivers can produce high quality work.
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