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Latest Tech News

Software update 20-3 for Generation 4 Displays

11th November 2020


The latest John Deere Display technology is available with the 20-3 software update. Also included in this update is the brand-new and unique AutoPath™ feature as well as exciting Machine Sync enhancements. Due to the importance of both features they’ll will be announced with separate bulletins. Additional information and details are available in the Gen4 software update release notes on www.stellarsupport.com. 


1. Operator’s Manual reminder – operator notification about new features and improvements 

2. Settings Manager – storing equipment settings for further usage 

3. Com Port LH 5000 device – supporting Teejet® and Mueller Electronic controllers 

4. Multiple ISO Implement Support – for front- and rear implements 

5. Additional machine-based work recording triggers – supporting virtual tractor profiles 

6. Multiple Rate Support for AEF ISO Implements – transmitting multiple rates simultaneously 

7. AutoTrac™ Implement Lightbar – improved implement guidance 

The Updates in detail 

1. Operator’s Manual reminder on Display – A new reminder window has been added to the display which appears each time the display performs a cold boot as well as 20 warm boots. The intent of this message is to remind operators to read the operator’s manual prior to using the product. 

2. Easy Equipment Setup for Settings Manager – iTEC™ sequences and Run Pages (including short cut buttons) can be stored within a settings configuration in the Settings Manager application and exported to USB in order to import the settings to another machine display. 

Settings configuration from John Deere trailed sprayer (Series M700, R700, M900, R900) can be stored in the Settings Manager application and exported to another machine display to enable re-usage of settings from this machine. 

Note: John Deere trailed sprayers require to have software version 10.20 or higher installed. John Deere trailed sprayers are not available in every country. 

3. Com Port LH 5000 device support – has now been added. Within Equipment Manager, the LH 5000 controller can be attached to any implement or machine profile that is a seeder, spreader or sprayer. 

Note: TeeJet® and Müller-Electronic Controllers require to have version 04. 

4. Multiple Implement Support – Usage and handling of multiple ISO Implements is becoming easier. Tractor machine profiles can now support a single front implement with an AEF certified ISOBUS control unit. Additionally, tractor profiles are now capable of operating with simultaneous use of both a single front implement and a single rear implement with AEF certified ISOBUS control units. While working the operator can switch between front- and real rear implement view on the map. Beside a summary, Field totals are also displayed separately for each connected ISO implement. 

Note: Usage is restricted to ISO Mode.

5. Additional machine-based recording triggers – are now available within the virtual (non-detected) tractor machine profile. Examples of these recording triggers would include SCV’s, PTO, hitch, etc. 

Note: This is only available on machines that publish recording triggers on the CAN Bus. 

6. Multiple Rate Support for AEF ISO Implements – transmit multiple target rates simultaneously. When using prescription maps, the target rate can be regulated accordingly for each section. This function can also be used with N sensors. Until now, it was only possible over the entire boom width. 

Note: Beside AEF certification, Implement Hardware must support this function. 

7. New lightbar module for AutoTrac™ Guidance – the implement lightbar used to be a separate module, which used up space and prevented additional modules on the run page to be displayed. Now you can clean up space on the run page with both lightbars combined within the same screen space and provide a more integrated implement guidance experience.

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