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SPFH HarvestLab 3000: Rob Gough, Wigley Farm

23rd December 2019


Rob Gough recently purchased a new 9600i SPFH complete with HarvestLab technology, which proved to be one of the main purchasing decision for investing in this machine “I want to be able to connect the whole field operations for the growing season from fertiliser applications to variable seed rates then ultimately harvest information as this impacts the output of our AD plant and cattle.”

“It is all about consistent high-quality material, on the investment we have made with the whole farming enterprise and the influence that good quality forage has on our operation the additional cost of investment of the Harvestlab soon covers itself.”

“Through the use of HarvestLab we know that every acre we harvest is at the right specification for what we want and we know that straight away, whereas before it might of too dry, too wet there was too much guess work involved, from a biogas point of view all we want to do is produce as much gas from the forage.”

Robs uses the MyOperations app to keep track of harvest progress and yields. To dive into more detail the Field Analyser in the John Deere Operations Centre lets you view yield maps of each constituent or compare either each cut of grass throughout the year or in the case of Maize and Wholecrop we compare multiple years to identify any agronomic trends “what we have learnt this year holds us in good stead for next years and how you operate and manage your farm might be different each time”.

Rob also uses the data to highlight varieties which have performed the best, the Operations Centre lets you visibly see the results of each variety in terms of t/ha for quick reference. You can also see the impact of planting date has had on yield “what was interesting this year was that the latest maize crop that was planted yielded the best, which shows planting early doesn’t always pays dividends”

Future uses of the sensor will involve linking it to digestate applications so we can record and control what we are applying, and even viable apply digestate based on the results from the SPFH.

Rob uses the phrase “in control of there own destiny” as you can cut when you want when the Dry Matter is at the optium level, Rob did turn to one occasion when through the week they had been cutting some light yielding grass silage at 30% DM, then reached some higher yielding fields which was reading 2% lower, so we stopped harvest for a couple of days to increase DM, from this we can maintain a more consistent feed quality.

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