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With access to a wide range of precision farming products from Ag Leader and John Deere we can cater for all types of sprayer upgrades, whether this be enabling automatic section and rate control or converting it to full ISOBUS to enable better documentation or utilisation of existing precision farming equipment. We can support all makes and models and have already carried out upgrades to a number of different manufacturers machines with varying ages.

Pictures of upgrades

Iso Liquid

The ISOBUS liquid module brings a host of excellent features for the agro-chemical and fertilizer applicator. In addition, it can be operated by any Virtual Terminal display. That’s right – use your Ag Leader® Integra, Versa, Compass or John Deere 2630 and Gen 4 Displays, Case Pro700, Topcon X30, AGCO C1000, etc. to get Ag Leader’s legendary product control and enhanced user experience.

Some highlighted features of the ISOBUS liquid module are:

– Pressure and flow based product control
– System can use flow based control for higher rates, then automatically switch to pressure based for optimum control at lower rates
– Up to 24 sections of boom control support
– Boom Prime – Enter desired pressure and it will prime to the desired psi. Which also can be used to specify Standby Pressure (Hold)

  • Droplet Size Monitoring

– Define your nozzle specs and get droplet monitoring on the go
– Store up to 50 user-defined and ISO nozzles in the system, including 11 pre-set ISO nozzles

  • Maximum pressure support – user defined pressure point the system will alarm at in order to protect hoses, valves, etc.
  • Minimum pressure support – user defined pressure point the system will hold in order to maintain a minimum pressure. This setting will allow the control valve to react from a hold state much faster. 

NH3 specific features

  • Using Pressure/Temperature sensors, monitor liquid/vapor pressure states. (coming Fall 2015)
    • Tube check feature
    • Control in N or NH3 units

Although the ISO 11783 protocol defines how a Virtual Terminal can appear, Ag Leader engineers maximized the resolution to where the liquid module’s ECU displays as one of the best looking object pools in the industry. Of course there’s also the intuitive user experience and simplified calibrations steps, too.

Greenstar Rate Controllers

The GreenStar (GS) Rate Controller allows the GS Display to integrate with self-propelled sprayers, liquid manure applicators, liquid fertilizer applicators, and many pull-type sprayers to accomplish the following:

Automatic rate control

  • Field documentation
  • Map-based prescriptions
  • John Deere Section Control (activation required)

In addition, the GS Rate Controller can also be used to provide John Deere Section Control for planters.

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