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M700/700i Trailed Sprayers

The M700/M700i range of trailed sprayers, the light weight, robust trailed sprayer by John Deere, some of its main features are as followed:

  • Three different models/tank sizes: M724/2400lts, M732/3200lts, M740/4000lts.
  • A multiple of different boom configurations to choose from, up to 30 meters on a tri fold boom and up to 28 meters on a double fold. The choice of ring line circulation and pressure recirculation are also an option on all machines listed.
  • The suspended parallelogram and pendulum centre frame gives for the perfect ride and stability, also including TerrainControl Pro to take control of the height and roll control whilst the operator can get on with the job in hand, this leads to less fatigue on the operator and boosts productivity. Because the TerrainControl Pro with its two sensors keeps the boom at a constant 50cm above the crop, drift is massively reduced which gives for optimum coverage.
TerrainControl Pro
  • The solution tank is a seamless polyethylene tank, which is a rounded shape which gives no dead spots. It is inside which also gives no reason for any residue of chemical to stick to the tank, or to sit in a seam. A low centre of gravity also gives for even weight distribution when traveling on the road and working in the field.
  • AutoFill is also another option on these sprayers, which allows you to enter the desired amount of liquid needed without over filling. The pause function also lets you pause the intake of water to give you time to incorporate chemical through the induction hopper. The intake of water is done through the 280lt/min piston diaphragm pump.
  • AutoDilute is also an option on these machines, which is the process of diluting a concentrated liquid down to a known dilution factor. This step is carried out from the cab by a step by step guide which walks you through the process whilst still spraying.
  • The two manual control valves on the side of the machine operate the pressure and suction side of things, with easy to understand icons to establish what you are trying to achieve. The 55lt induction hopper is also big enough to incorporate a large amount of chemical at one time, helping on down time and increase productivity.

Proportional steering on the drawbar is now a feature, which gives a much smoother ride to the operator, reduces boom yaw, and gives a much more precise boom ride. The polyurethane axel suspension also gives a smooth ride when traveling down the road at 40KPH.

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