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After John Deere bought Mazzotti in 2017, Rea Valley Tractors decided to become main dealers for the product. With Model sizes ranging from small compact 2100lt tanks, all the way up to 6600lt high performance machines with plenty of optional extras and features, the Mazzotti can offer something for everyone.

Models include:

MAF 2580, 3180, 3580

These mid-range machines range from 3200lts up to 3750lts. These machines come with many different boom configurations in size, and what type of boom (stainless steel or painted) and range from 18m up to 32m. The mid-range MAF also comes with a Seletron system which enables the machine to become individual section control as standard across the range of model sizes and is all controlled via GreenStar Gen 4 technology. Norac UC7 boom levelling is also an option across the machine, enabling the operator to concentrate on the job in hand and to have less fatigue on the operator.

MAF 4240 5240 6240

The top end, high performance machines that Mazzotti offer, these machines vary in tank sizes from 4600lts to 6600lts, across a 36m boom. These machines boast high end performance, with the option for 60KPH transmission across the HP model (high performance). 50/50 weight distribution allows even distribution of weight across all 4 wheels when spraying, this makes it an incredibly comfy ride when in work. With weights ranging from 10800kg – 12000kg, (depending on booms and tank) this machine is still a lightweight machine for the overall size and specification.

IBIS 2130, 2530, 3180

These small light weight, compact machines are perfect for the smaller farmer, with tank sizes ranging from 2500lts up to 3150lts, and boom sizes ranging from 18 to 24 meters, this makes the IBIS and incredibly light weight, agile machine weighing in at just over 5.5 tonnes (tank & boom dependant). Three different tracking options which are 1500mm – 1800, 1800mm – 2250mm, 2250mm – 3000mm.

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