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John Deere 4140/50 SPS

Introducing for 2020, the brand new John Deere R4140 & R4150 self propelled sprayers. Built for high speed, efficient applications on any scale of farm. Features of these machines include:

  • 4000lt and 5000lt polyethene tank sizes available, with 400lts of clean water storage
  • 24 – 36m steel booms available over both machines
  • 50kph road speeds – less down time on the road moving from farm to field, more time spraying
  • Two levels of auto boom levelling, TerrainCommandPro and Integrated with the 4640, these systems control the boom movements by using soil mode, crop mode and hybrid mode. TerrainCommandPro will operate the height, roll, VG, and pendulum control, using either 3 or 5 sensors. TerrainControlPro will control height, boom roll and pendulum control, using either 2 or 4 sensors.
TerrainCommand Pro
TerrainControl Pro
  • AutoDilute: automatic dilution of left-over residual liquid, lowering the concentration down to a known factor. Automatic wash cycles from the cab talk you through the step by step how to achieve this whilst still spraying liquid out of the main tank. This is done by the unique dilution calculator which works out how many steps are needed to achieve a diluted factor; the pump then transfers clean water into the system to start the process. BoomRinse is also another feature which allows you to rinse the booms without diluting the contents of the main solution tank.
  • AirRinse: An automatic air purging system used to push ant excess liquid left in the machine to either the booms, or to the main tank outlet. This is decided by which ever program is chosen, either Field mode or Farm mode. Air rinse farm mode can achieve an improved dilution rate of up to 721%.
  • SolutionCommand: Is the unique 12 button key pad for stress free filling. With autofill, you will never worry about filling the machine with too much water, because of the pre set tank volume figure, and with ActivePause, whilst filling chemical into the induction hopper, the only water entering the tank, is the content of the induction hopper, and the clean water that the pump is supplying the hopper. The unique PowrSpray pump allows this to happen due to its direct rate control and its, unique two circuit liquid system. The pump is capable of filling at 1200lts/minute and is capable of spraying at 1000lts/minute.
  • ExactApply: Individual nozzle section control allows you apply the exact amount of product over a wider range of speeds at a constant pressure. Along with Automatic switching nozzles, it maintains your target rate dependant on speed and pressure, automatically switching between nozzles when needed. Turn compensation is also a feature which comes with this, allowing accurate placement of chemical when going round obstacles such as trees and telegraph poles in field, therefore saving on chemical and not over dosing.
Exact Apply Changing Speed
ExactApply Field Outling
ExactApply High Frequency Pulse
ExactApply Individual Nozzle Control
ExactApply Turn Compensation
  • Pressure recirculation boom, which delivers chemical to the nozzle when it is needed. Sedimentation blockage is at a minimum because of the constant circulation round the lines. Along with the wide range of John Deere nozzles available to buy means these machines suit the needs for the most demanding of customers, wanting to achieve the perfect application

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