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Sprayer Nozzle Selection & Parts

Rea Valley Tractors stock a wide range of parts to keep you going all year round. Nozzle technology keeps growing which helps to improve spray performance. For Technical questions regarding the nozzles choice please do not hesitate to contact us. Below are some of the latest nozzles we offer to the market:

Straight Stream Ceramic

Straight Stream Ceramic

They-re ideal for post-emerge application of fertilisers. The compact six-stream nozzle is perfect for applying fertiliser to solid seeded crops, and reduced atomisation minimises leaf burn and scorching.

Ultra Low Drift

Ultra low drift

Ideal for pre-emerge application of systemic herbicides. Their Venturi technology greatly reduces drift, and the air-filled droplets and unique thick pattern deliver a more effective drift-reduced spray.

Extended Range

Extended range

Ideal for maintaining a consistent spray angle over a wide pressure range down to 1 bar. The droplet size is adjustable according to pressure, and the nozzle maintains good spray distribution, producing larger droplets at low pressure.

GuardianAir Twin

GuardianAir Twin

Ideal for the application of fungicides and desiccants to broad-leaved crops, and applications where spray must be delivered into a crop canopy or tall plant. The nozzle combines uniform spray coverage with reduced drift in one easy-to-install design.

Low-Drift Air

Low-drift air

Especially suited for spring spray applications in cereal crops, the nozzle combines uniform spray coverage with reduced drift, and is best used at 3 bar for optimum spray coverage.



Perfect for coverage of difficult vertical targets, like soil clods and small grass weeds. Featuring an integrated fan incline and angle, 3D spray nozzles tighten spray patterns to substantially decrease small droplets – resulting in 50-75% less drift potential than conventional flat fan nozzles.

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