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11th April 2019


Woodhall Growers farm across Shropshire and Staffordshire, with some fields 90 miles apart. “We had previously run a New Holland RTK system that we ran through our lease hired New Holland tractor screens alongside a mobile base station which we used to carry from field to field and set up” says Manager Will Woodhall. He continued “we made the decision to move away from New Holland tractors which meant that we would need to buy display screens, and at this point I started looking at the whole system to see if there was anything better on the market.”

“Because we hire all of our tractors, I’m never sure of which brand we will be running year to year, so the Ag Leader system being compatible with all tractor makes was a massive bonus. The RTK network that RVT provides covers all of our farming areas, meaning that we no longer have to carry a mobile base station, and year on year we can come back to the field and use the exact same heading which is helping us move towards a controlled traffic system CTS.”

Will further explains how The AgLeader display screens are really user friendly and easy to set up. “The fact the lads can just park next to the office and the system will automatically link to the office WiFi and upload/download all of the latest recordings so that both tractors are running on the same A,B, lines is brilliant. The set up saves us typically about 2 hours for every day that we go out with our triple bedformer compared with the old system. When you are dependent on the weather, especially in late February this really is a long time! It also gives us a lot more accuracy when Precision drilling our v e g e t a b l e crops. The fact that all of my workforce can now use the system gives me the flexibility to rotate staff when needed.”

He went on to say “the set up and support from the RVT Precision Farming Team has been really good and there is always someone at the end of a phone or they will come out if needed. The installation and set up was quick and efficient, and the guys came out about four or five times over the first couple of weeks to help train me and the men in the field which was great. The system itself has only let us down twice; once was when there was a big RAF show locally and we think they had blocked the GPS signal and the second the RTK tower was down for maintenance but with one phone call they swapped us onto

another tower and we were back up and running.

I’m so pleased with the system that next year I will be setting a third tractor up with the Ag Leader system.”

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